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PokerRanger 2: Last chance on a 33% discount

After delivering a highly powerful analysis tools for years, the PokerRanger team recently updated their software to a brand-new iteration, including a large range of features from their users’ wishes.

Back in 2013, a new poker analysis tool hit the market, taking the strategic breakdown of poker hands to a whole new level by providing players with a huge range of features to pick apart spots and ranges.
After almost eight years, the PokerRanger team now released a new iteration of their software, implementing a vast range of new features and tools directly from user feedback to further enhance the breakdown capabilities of one of the most powerful analysis tools out there.
Apart from covering most of the features of other tools like (Power) Equilab, Flopzilla (Pro), Combonator and partly even CardrunnersEV, many additional features have now found their way into PokerRanger 2, providing players with one of the most complete tools out there to dive into range management and expected value analysis.  Furthermore, the team is looking to continue improving PokerRanger 2, now even more frequent than in the past, just recently adding a new unique feature most other poker analysis tools don’t offer: a new Dark Mode to help put less strain on your eyes when stuying late at night.
Check out PokerRanger 2 with a free trial

PokerRanger’s new Dark Mode in action

If you would like to see what PokerRanger 2 has to offer, you can check out the software with a free trial of 21 days, enabling you to test out all the features provided to see how exactly and to what extent they can help to improve your own game. The free trial comes with no strings attached and you’ll have the full functionality of PokerRanger 2 at your disposal for three weeks.
Get your free 21 days trial of PokerRanger 2
Afterwards, if you’re convinced, you can then choose one of three subscription plans that best suits your needs, with two of the longer plans currently being offered with an early bird discount up until February 14, 2021:

1 Month: €8.99
3 Months: €23.97 €15.98
12 Months: €83.88 €69.90

What’s offered in PokerRanger 2?
You can find the full range of features provided in PokerRanger 2 below, with the following video offering a brief introduction to the software by the development team:

Learn more about PokerRanger 2 with their extensive guides
The team is highly dedicated to providing players with as much assistance as possible to understand and utilise all the capabilities of PokerRanger 2. So make sure to check out the official support thread in our forum or the PokerRanger 2 website if you want to dive deeper into the software.
There’s a vast amount of guides available, explaining all the intricacies of the tool and its features and you can also get in touch directly with the PokerRanger 2 development team in our forum at any time if you have any questions.
Check out PokerRanger 2 with a free trial
Features in PokerRanger 2

Dynamic Range Trees – Subgroup your ranges into arbitrarily many groups that are color-coded, nested, and weighted.

Expected Value Trees – Import hand histories or create trees of actions manually that tell you equities and expected values within a complex setting.

Color-coding and Hovers – PokerRanger2 uses color coding and informative hovers to convey useful information all the time.

Outmost Flexibility – Tired of opening windows to set ranges or the board? With the advanced docking system, you can customize PokerRanger to show all widgets in a single window.

Multiway Equity Evolution – PokerRanger2 evaluates equity on follow-up cards for multiple players at once and displays the results in clear charts side-by-side.

Equity Charts – View the equities of multiple players multi-way in one clear graph and get output per hand to detect capped and uncapped ranges.

Equity Tables and Heat Maps – With color coding in scalable matrices or table views for multiple players PokerRanger illustrates multi-way equities in the most beautiful way.

History of Actions – Whether you change the board, expected value trees, or custom ranges, “undo/redo” are at your disposal, allowing you to jump to any point in the hand history.

Random Board Hits – Evaluate the probability of hitting straights, pairs, or flushdraws on flops, turns, and rivers to fortify your board-reading and hand-reading. Even random boards can be evaluated.

Try out PokerRanger 2 with a Free Trial

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£2 Million in Climate Funding Awarded by People’s Postcode Lottery to African Parks to Secure Ecosystems and Mitigate Climate Change

JOHANNESBURG, Feb. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — People’s Postcode Lottery has made a £2 million commitment to conservation non-profit African Parks as part of its £24 million Climate Challenge Fund. The funds will help to conserve four major protected areas which are under the management of African Parks in partnership with Governments in Africa, contributing to climate change mitigation and building climate resilience in their landscapes. Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda is one of the beneficiary parks, following a partnership recently announced to ensure its long-term protection.    
African Parks is responsible for the rehabilitation and long-term management of an area in excess of 14 million hectares across 19 national parks in 11 countries, and its work is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Nyungwe National Park provides 70 per cent of Rwanda’s fresh water, represents some of the largest and most intact high-altitude rainforest in Central Africa and is home to twenty-five percent of Africa’s primate species.
Besides Nyungwe, African Parks’ award will support three other parks under their management: Chinko in the Central African Republic; Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo; and Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia. The funding will contribute to restoring biodiversity, preventing deforestation and poaching, and supporting local enterprise and community initiatives to ensure sustainability for people and wildlife. This will help to mitigate climate change by protecting ecosystems that lock up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It will also help to ensure the ecosystem’s ability to deliver clean air, water, food and other natural resources.
“African Parks is extremely grateful to the players of People’s Postcode Lottery for the significant contribution to the conservation of these four crucial parks,” said African Parks’ CEO Peter Fearnhead. “Thanks to this instrumental support, we can work with our Government partners to sustainably manage these large natural landscapes which safeguard a myriad of wildlife species, protect the catchments of three of Africa’s largest rivers, and help to moderate climate change and improve climate resilience among communities that depend on these ecosystem services for their survival.”
Laura Chow, head of charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, said: “Since the launch of People’s Postcode Lottery 15 years ago, our players have been providing vital support to a wide range of environmental charities. This latest project, led by African Parks, will see funds raised by players being used to tackle the two great environmental challenges of our age – climate change and biodiversity loss. The climate and nature emergencies are inextricably linked and we must fight them together. By doing so, we can help safeguard the future of these globally-important ecosystems and, of course, the communities who depend on them.”
The funding award forms part of People’s Postcode Lottery’s Postcode Climate Challenge initiative. £24 million, raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is shared across 12 charities to invest in projects focusing on reducing the impacts of the climate crisis. 

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Sands China จะเปิดตัวพร้อมกับการเปิดเฟสแรกของ The Londoner Macao ในวันที่ 8 กุมภาพันธ์นี้

California slaphouses continue to get slapped by the police

It’s not easy trying to be a provider of illegal gambling activity in California. The Golden State has a history of digging up underground gambling houses and isn’t slowing down. Last week, police in Anaheim descended on a business they suspected was operating as a slaphouse, an illegal gambling site, and weren’t wrong. By the time the raid was over, around 70 people had been arrested, even as many tried to scatter like rats from a sinking ship.What was reportedly a furniture store was actually an illegal gambling property. Police spent two months gathering evidence and securing their case before moving in last Wednesday, serving a warrant that morning and confirming their suspicions. Inside, there were gambling machines, money and guns, as well as a number of gamblers. Some of those busted out windows as they tried to make a run for it, only to be met outside by more police, including members of the local SWAT team.The slaphouse was reportedly able to function undetected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Police had received numerous complaints about the operation before they launched their investigation, and are becoming more familiar with the seedy underground gambling scene that continues to emerge across California. Most of these, in addition to offering a form of entertainment California lawmakers don’t want to address, involve illegal weapons and, on occasion, illegal drugs, making them a public risk that has to be contained. 2019 saw a number of slaphouses busted, most around the Los Angeles area. Other cities have to deal with them, as well, with Long Beach often a favorite go-to spot for criminals.This is the second time in five months that Anaheim police have intervened in an illegal gambling house. Last October, 70 people were arrested when they moved in on a supposed slaphouse, uncovering video gaming machines, electronic gaming tables and more. That raid apparently didn’t provide the example that it should have, as the raid last week occurred right next door to that October bust.Slaphouses get their names, according to the way the tale is told, from the sound made when a gambler slaps his or her hand on the controls of the gaming machine. If California continues its crackdown on the illegal operations, a more fitting description would be that the name comes from the sound of having the cuffs slapped on you at an underground gambling house.

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Indiana, Pokagon Tribe บรรลุข้อตกลงเกี่ยวกับ Class III Compact สำหรับ South Bend Casino

Who’s going to win $300 on Steam this week?

Learn which PokerStrategists won prizes in our latest weekly Task List raffle and what you can win this time next week too.

In our ever popular Task List raffle, active community members can win up to $300 to spend at the popular digital game store Steam. Tickets for the weekly raffle can be earned by completing various tasks on our website throughout each week.
Apart from the main prize of $300 on Steam, we will also award several smaller cash prizes on a weekly basis. The winner of the $300 will be free to choose whatever they want, be it tools or games, from the Steam store, or alternatively have the $300 credited to their Tell-a-Friend balance here at PokerStrategy.com.
Now, to today’s raffle result: Our lucky winner is from the Russian community. A massive congratulations from everyone at PokerStrategy.com!

This week’s $300 Steam winner

Additionally, there were also nine other winners of cash prizes:

New week, new raffle!
As always a new raffle begins immediately. Along with our usual range of cash prizes—once more we’ll be awarding one lucky member with $300 to spend on games or software via Steam.
How do the poker tasks work?
Thanks to everyone who took part, have a great week.

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WSOP Michigan FAQ

Online poker went live in Michigan in January of 2021, and it was only with one operator, PokerStars Michigan. Other licensed companies launched online casinos and sportsbooks, but they held back on the poker segment to begin with.

It was not long before the state showed its online poker potential: PokerStars MI has become the largest regulated online poker room in the States, with the average traffic of 400 players in the very first week.

This development could well have prompted other stakeholders to move their online poker plans up. WSOP.com is one: While the final launch date for WSOP MI is still up in the air, as the company is currently focused more on going live in Pennsylvania before the summer, it might not be too long of a wait.

WSOP is one of the largest and best-known brands in the poker world and the name behind the largest yearly tournament series taking place in Las Vegas and (as of late) online. The company will certainly want to establish a foothold in Michigan.

On this page, we bring answers and predictions for the launch of WSOP.com in Michigan. Some of the information is based off of what we know about the two rooms currently in operation, namely WSOP Nevada and WSOP NJ, and we will make sure to update the information here as we obtain it.

When will WSOP MI go live?

There is no definitive date for the launch of WSOP Michigan. The operator is currently divided between several fronts, putting a lot of effort towards the launch in Pennsylvania. A realistic timeframe would be a few months, but it is possible the operator moves the launch date up and surprises MI players. The operator seems set on launching before the end of 2021.

Do I have to be physically present in the state to access WSOP Michigan?

You need to be within the state borders to play for real money at WSOP MI. This is one feature that all US regulated sites have in common and there is no reason to think that things will be any different when WSOP.com launches in Michigan.

The operator uses geolocation to make sure players adhere to this rule, and trying to bypass it is grounds for having your account closed. Also worth noting is that the minimum age limit to legally play on WSOP.com is 21.

Will WSOP.com Michigan combine player pools with other states?

Creating interstate online poker compacts is currently work in progress, not just for WSOP but for poker operators in the US in general. WSOP.com aims to offer combined player pools at some point, but it is difficult to say when and if this will happen.

Right now, there is an ongoing battle with regards to the Wire Act interpretation and if it should apply to online poker. Things are currently looking good for poker players and operators, and if the trend continues, we will start to see more rooms combining their pools across states.

Since WSOP MI is set to launch later this year, it is not impossible that there will be more clarity on the matter by that time. So, in theory, the room might have combined pools from the get-go, although it is likelier that they will kick off catering to Michigan players only and potentially expanding later.

What kind of a welcome offer will there be for new players?

Looking at what the room offers at New Jersey and Nevada, players from Michigan are probably looking at a 100% welcome bonus up to the maximum of $1000.

Like most poker bonuses, you will not receive the full amount immediately, but you will need to unlock it by playing real money cash games and tournaments and gathering Action Player Points (APPs). The bonus is released as follows:

The initial $10 releases at the rate of $1 for every 10 APPs
You will unlock the next $50 by receiving $5 for every 50 APPs
The rest of the bonus releases at the rate of $10 for every 100 APPs

The timeframe to release the bonus is usually 60 days, so there is plenty of time to do it. Action Player Points are awarded based on the rake generated, as follows:

2 APPs for $1 paid in cash games (based on contributed rake)
2 APPs for every $1 paid in tournament fees

Will there any other rewards offered by WSOP MI?

WSOP Michigan will very likely feature their simple but rather generous Poker Rewards program. Action Player Points that you gather by playing real money games can be used for more than just to unlock bonuses.

These points can be turned into real money when you convert them to WSOP Points. The number of WSOP Points you can get from your APPs depends on your loyalty level:

Bronze: Achieve 200+ APPs in a month and get 4x WSOP Points’ multiplier.
Silver: 750+ monthly points & 10x WSOP Points’ multiplier.
Elite: Gather 1500+ APPs and enjoy 12.5x multiplier.
Champions Club: Based on the yearly number of points. Achieve 20,000 or more and get to the maximum multiplier of 16x.

You can exchange WSOP Points for cash on your account. The process is very simple and you can redeem the points at the rate of $1 for 100 WSOP Points. The minimum number of points you can convert is 1000.

What deposit methods will be available for WSOP Michigan players?

WSOP offers a good variety of deposit options for the players in other states, and it is likely that Michigan players will have access to the same or at least very similar array of deposit methods, which includes:

MasterCard, Visa, and Discover
In-person deposit at the cashier cage

Some of these options have been thoroughly tried and tested by players, and PayPal and ACH seem to be top picks. Of course, in-person deposits are always a good option if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of the actual property.

Credit and debit cards are always touch-and-go in the US. Despite the fact the sites have licenses to offer online poker games, many banks still block gambling-related transactions by default, so there is no guarantee your card will work with WSOP MI.

Does WSOP have a land-based partner in Michigan?

WSOP still does not have a land-based partner casino in the state of Michigan, which is a crucial step in the process. Before they launch, they will either need to find a partner in the state or wait for interstate compacts to become available.

What cash games will WSOP MI offer?

The most popular game offered at WSOP.com is No Limit Hold’em, with stakes going up to $25/$50. Other available cash game tables include Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha 8, as well as some stud games.

The bulk of action happens at NLHE and PLO tables, though, and this trend is likely to keep at WSOP MI as well. If you prefer other variations, the action is usually scarce and mostly found at lower limits.

Will WSOP.com MI offer BLAST poker tournaments?

WSOP Michigan will likely offer BLAST games. These are four-handed sit and go tournaments featuring the hyper-turbo structure and offering a chance to fight for the prize that can go as high as 10,000x your buy-in.

This is an exciting format, not just because of the jackpot potential, but also because there is a timer set for every game. Once the time runs out, all players are forced to go all in every hand until there is just one player remaining holding all the chips.

Does WSOP offer any form of fast-fold poker?

There are no fast-fold tables of any sort currently available at WSOP.com. This may change by the time WSOP MI is ready to launch, but at this point in time, the room does not offer any quick fold variations.

Is WSOP.com software any good?

While there are better online platforms out there, WSOP.com has done a fine job with the desktop software. The company is not too keen on implementing regular updates, but the fact is that WSOP.com offers a nice design and a good range of options to personalize your playing experience.

There are a few different deck designs on offer and a solid selection of avatars to choose from. The actual play interface is fairly simple but it is clean and easy to use.

It is worth mentioning that WSOP.com and 888 are getting ready to roll out a brand new client called Poker 8. This should be a major improvement on the existing software.

The plan is to roll out Poker 8 in Pennsylvania first and then move to other states. Depending on when WSOP Michigan goes live, players might have the privilege to play on the new platform from day one.

Will I be able to play WSOP Michigan from my phone?

Right now, WSOP.com offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so Michigan players wanting to play from their phones and tablets should experience no problems. The current app does come with certain limitations, though. For example, you can only play one table at any given moment.

This problem, as well as many other smaller issues, should go away with the launch of the Poker 8 platform, as it will cover the mobile segment as well.

Latest News on WSOP MI:

Read more on WSOP MI »

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Indiana regulated sports betting off to hot 2021 start

There’s no question that regulated sports betting has been a massive hit in the United States. Every month there’s at least one state that shatters its previous record handle and January 2020 was no exception. With a $384.2 million handle, Indiana broke its previous wagering record of $313.1 million that was set way back in December, 2020. And with the Hoosier State’s love of basketball, bigger numbers could yet be in its future.
January 2020 was a record month in Indiana, but nearly every month of regulated sports betting in the state has earned that accolade. This was actually the fifth consecutive record breaking handle for Indiana’s regulated operators and the good news is likely to keep coming.
There is certainly good news in the January numbers for Indiana state coffers. That $384.2 million translates into about $29.3 million in revenue for the state’s combined sportsbooks. Of that number, approximately $2.8 million will be scooped up by tax collectors.
So how fast has Hoosier sports betting been growing? By way of comparison, January 2020′s handle was a mere $171 million.
Like most newly opened US sports betting markets, Indiana’s bettors are mostly playing off of mobile apps. The biggest operators (from top to bottom) were DraftKings ($122.6 million); FanDuel ($89.2 million); BetMGM ($52.4 million); PointsBet ($13 million); BetRivers ($9 million).
Unlike most of the rest of the United States, Indiana bettors did not favor NFL wagers above all else. In the land depicted in the motion picture Hoosiers, basketball topped the board with $133 million in wagers. NFL football only brought in $77 million, according to a report on LegalSportsReport.com.
And with college hoops entering into its busiest months, Indiana operators are certain to break more records before the winter is done.
The post Indiana regulated sports betting off to hot 2021 start appeared first on .

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อะดรีนาลีนที่มุ่งเน้นไปที่ NFL ด้วยแอพพนันกีฬา Football Genius ใหม่

IPI chair facing prison and major fines if contempt charge upheld

Imperial Pacific International (IPI) Chair Cui Li Jie may have been portrayed as a helpless victim by her legal team, but the courts aren’t buying it. Attorney Juan Lizama told a judge last month that she doesn’t run the casino operator and doesn’t have the skills to oversee its activity, despite the fact that she is a reportedly billionaire entrepreneur, and Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Chief Judge Ramona Manglona didn’t bite. She now wants Cui to explain why she shouldn’t be locked up for civil contempt and why she shouldn’t be fined for failing to comply with a court-ordered subpoena.Cui and IPI have been under fire for a lot of reasons lately, but this particular episode of the ongoing drama centeres on construction workers, as well as a construction contractor. The company that made huge promises with its Imperial Palace casino resort, but which has failed to deliver on any of them, was sued for alleged labor law violations and human trafficking, for which a subpoena was issued to Cui last month. However, Cui never responded, according to the latest complaint.The Guam Daily Post reports that one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, Bruce Berline, Cui received the subpoena on January 18, but, the next day, one of her associates tried to “intimidate the process server” by threatening “legal trouble” if he didn’t take it back. On January 19, IPI reportedly returned the subpoena, ostensibly as an attempt to deny it had been delivered. Berline told the courts, “Neither this attempt at intimidation nor the act of returning the physical subpoena negates its legal validity.” He added, “Ms. Cui also never moved the court to quash or modify the subpoena. On Jan. 26, Ms. Cui then failed to appear for the deposition or produce any documents. Ms. Cui clearly violated her legal obligations under the subpoena.”As a result, Berline asked Judge Manglona to hold Cui in contempt of court, and the judge has ordered her to speak up. She faces a fine of $10,000 a day until she complies with the subpoena, and the judge could hit her with even more sanctions, including possible jail time for noncompliance. Cui has to respond by this Wednesday if she wants to avoid any further issues. In yet another episode of the soap opera story, IPI has, once again, failed to pay its bills, adding to a list that keeps growing. The latest comes through the Banes Horey Berman & Miller law firm, which is suing the company for breach of contract. Judge Manglona has already ordered IPI to pay up after IPI defaulted, but it, as is its SOP, never made good on its obligations. It had been ordered to pay six installments of about $16,666 as part of a $100,000 settlement from last year, but will now have to pay $113,333.30 plus 9% interest.

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Indiana, Pokagon Tribe บรรลุข้อตกลงเกี่ยวกับ Class III Compact สำหรับ South Bend Casino

Henao Leads MILLIONS Online Mini Main Event

The MILLIONS Online festival has gotten off to a flying start with the Mini Main Event obliterating its $1 million guarantee. A massive crowd of 1,127 players bought in across a pair of starting flights and only 169 of those starters remain in the hunt for the $184,507 top prize.
MILLIONS Online Mini Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts


Sebastian Camilo Toro Henao

Elio Fox

Luciano Hollanda

Patrick Blye

Nikolai Penkin

Thomas Boivin
United Kingdom

Viteslav Cech
Czech Republic

Daria Krashennikova

Tom Macdonald
United Kingdom

Joseph Cheong

Sebastian Henao finds himself in the envious position of going into Day 2 as the tournament’s chip leader. The Mexico-based grinder is armed with 27,039,049 chips and must fancy his chances of taking down this event from this position.
Victory will not be an easy task because there are some exceptional players in the chasing pack.
Elio Fox is one of those superstars. Fox, also grinding from Mexico, has 25,419,260 chips in his stack and will have a major say in where this title ends up. The two-time WSOP bracelet winner has almost $10 million in live tournament winnings and more than $4.5 million from the online poker world.
Daria Krashennikova flying high in the MILLIONS Online Mini Main Event
Slightly further down the chip counts, you find Canada’s Patrick Blye (22,663,403) who is riding the crest of a wave having won the APAT WCOAP Main Event last weekend for $27,408. He’s guaranteed another $2,105 right now but he definitely has an eye on the top prize.
Also in the top 10 chip counts at the start of Day 2 are Thomas Boivin (18,388,054) and Russian starlet Daria Krashennikova (17,750,348). As are British high stakes cash guru Tom Macdonald (17,618,322) and Joseph Cheong (17,118,762).
Stellar Names Litter The Field
Those players are joined by some of the game’s biggest names. Such luminaries as Will Kassouf (16,075,000), Dominik Nitsche (12,483,080), Tom Middleton (11,180,475), and Mike Sexton Classic champion Daniel Dvoress (7,917,694) are all still in contention for glory.
As are the likes of Justin Bonomo (6,362,236), David Peters (6,325,618), Kelly Saxby (5,313,311), David Yan (4,882,878), Ami Barer (3,473,910), Roberto Romanello (3,305,634), Hristovoje Pavlovic (2,255,971), and Mike Watson (915,478).
Play resumes at 19:05 GMT on February 15 and continues until the 169 returning players are whittled to the final table of nine. Each of those finalists will then be guaranteed $14,826 and will be eight eliminations away from a $184,507 score.
Love poker? Join party!
If you’re ready to jump into the action, then click here to download partypoker and get started!
If you already have an account with us, click here to open partypoker and hit the tables!

เกมส์ยิ่งปลา คาสิโน ฟรีเครดิต
ฟรีเครดิตทดลองเล่น คาสิโน
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GambleAware Charity Review

888’s Poker 8 Software is Coming to WSOP.com in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada: Here’s What to Expect

In January 2021, 888 Holdings and Caesars Interactive Entertainment (CIE) signed a multi-year extension for their existing partnership in the US market.

As part of the deal, 888 confirmed that they will provide their innovative Poker 8 client for WSOP.com in regulated US markets.

The software client represents a major upgrade for both desktop and mobile. Poker players in states where legal US online poker has been approved can look forward to vast improvements this year.

The launch in regulated US markets has been confirmed by Senior Vice President and Head of US at 888 Holdings Yaniv Sherman in a recent exclusive interview with pokerfuse.

He outlined the company’s specific expansion plans for 2021 with a launch in Pennsylvania as the top priority, with the goal of going live this side of the WSOP summer festival. The WSOP.com client in the Keystone State is slated to feature the Poker 8 software when it goes live. 888 also plans to go live with Michigan online poker as their next key market.

It is also expected to roll out the new software in other regulated states—namely WSOP Nevada, WSOP New Jersey and 888 New Jersey—thereafter.

WSOP.com USA: The world’s most recognizable poker brand is legal and regulated in
Nevada and New Jersey!Massive Value100% deposit bonus up to $1000 + freeroll tickets.The only online poker network that spans across multiple states.
Compete for real WSOP bracelets and rings in official online events from your own home.Frequent reload bonuses and lucrative monthly promotions.CHOOSE YOUR STATE:New Jersey »Nevada »

New desktop client on Windows and Mac
Clean new lobbyRedesigned filtersOverhauled lobby designCleaner tablesMulti-flight tournamentsNew mobile app for Android and iOS
Portrait designSlick new layoutPlay up to four tables simultaneouslyPLO availableWhen is it deploying?
888 hopes WSOP.com will go live in Pennsylvania with Poker 8Will then deploy to Nevada and New Jersey888 and WSOP are also eyeing Michigan launch

888’s Long Partnership with the WSOP in the United States

The partnership of 888 and CIE dates all the way back to 2013 when the WSOP.com online platform was launched in Nevada. One year later, 888 became the official sponsor of the WSOP live festival in Las Vegas, a role it has retained ever since.

888 is also the software provider for the WSOP client in New Jersey online poker, as well as the three racinos in Delaware. During all these years of operating on the US market, the overall design of the software has barely changed. As a result, the major upgrade has been long-awaited and sought-after among players.

The trio of states represents the only cross-border liquidity sharing pool in the US right now. Cash game liquidity is shared but players based in Delaware are excluded from participation in the WSOP Online Bracelet and Circuit Events.

With the planned launch in Pennsylvania, the cross-border network could grow further and provide a significant traffic boost. However, this would require that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) joining the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA). The same hurdle applies to all other potential states, including Michigan.

Major Upgrade to Desktop and Mobile Experience

But what makes the Poker 8 software such a big step forward compared to the current WSOP.com client? Pokerfuse takes a closer look at the client, which rolled out to global dot-com player pool in late 2020.

First and foremost, Poker 8 represents a tremendous overhaul for the overall design. It is the biggest leap forward in several years for the 888poker software client. What may have felt cramped in the previous layout has received a much cleaner and more modern look and feel in general.

All images are courtesy of our big brother publication Poker Industry PRO, which has published exclusive, in-depth coverage of the new software over the last 18 months. Of course, when this deploys to WSOP.com, expect it to be branded with WSOP’s logo and color scheme, but the overall design and features will likely stay the same.

The existing two-tab system has been replaced entirely and all different game types remain separated distinctively. The navigation bar has moved from the top of the main poker lobby to the left-hand side. Included in the fresh look are symbols for each specific compartments, which portray a more visual appeal compared to the previous monotone design.

The beginner’s lobby, players will find eight different quick launch tables for various formats in a modern and sleek design.

The Blast and SNAP lobbies showcase all available limits for the Fast-Fold cash game variant and jackpot SNG variant, respectively.

Perhaps the biggest visual improvement in the lobby design of the global Poker 8 software has been made with the entirely separate and dedicated cash game lobby. The navigation bar includes the available game types, stakes, table limit, and type. By clicking on each symbol, players can include or exclude the respective quick launch tables.

888 has moved the filter from below the main tournament lobby to a more distinctive filter system with a search function above all available tournaments. Players can select by game variant, category, buy-in, speed, and type with a simple click.

For each respective tournament, the lobby has received a fresh new look, and six different tabs showcase all required details. When moving between tabs, an instant swipe effect takes place.

The new layout of the SNG lobby is very similar to the fresh design of the main tournament overview. Three separate compartments are shown in the navigation bar on top including the game type, the buy-in, and the number of players. 888 has retained the same individual lobby design with six tabs for SNG as well.

Perhaps the most vital improvement for the tournament functionality itself will become available when Poker 8 goes live in the regulated US markets. So far, the WSOP.com desktop client in Nevada and New Jersey cannot run multi-flight tournaments. This will be possible in the new Poker 8 client, which opens the door for bigger guarantees going forward.

New Mobile Client for Android and iOS Also Expected in US Markets

The new Poker 8 mobile client for Android and iOS also represents a major step forward. It was released for the global pool in October 2020 and 888 celebrated the launch with $1 million in promotions.

A fresh look and slick design across the entire client showcases the complete overhaul. The most notable visual change is the newly implemented portrait mode. Also included in the new mobile client are the same quick launch tables for all game types after log-in.

In terms of existing limitations and functionality, players are no longer limited to just one table at a time. The new Poker 8 mobile app allows for up to four tables at the same time.

Furthermore, Pot-Limit Omaha has become available recently for the global pool in the 8.4 mobile version. Until now, this is not the case in the WSOP.com client in Nevada and New Jersey. Four card aficionados are unable to participate in WSOP Online Bracelet and Online Circuit Events for PLO tournaments on the mobile client and have to rely on the desktop client instead.

Once 888, in partnership with WSOP.com, launches in Pennsylvania, the Poker 8 client for desktop and mobile is expected to become available in other regulated states soon after. Michigan was specifically mentioned by Sherman as the next key market.

They are then expected to provide Poker 8 for the WSOP.com client in Nevada and New Jersey in quick succession. A further expansion in more regulated states may also be on the horizon after the favorable developments in 2021 thus far.

If everything goes as planned, the Poker 8 software will become available until the summer in Pennsylvania. This may very well be in time for poker enthusiasts in the Keystone Stone to participate in WSOP Online Bracelet Events.

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Newspaper claims footballer won $100m at poker

Put on your sceptical hat for this, but a newspaper is claiming that former Everton star Thomas Gravesen is one of the biggest winners in poker.

Thomas Gravesen

The Daily Star wrote that the Danish midfielder had won over $100 million playing poker since retiring from football and moving to the United States. 
At this stage it would be remiss of us to point out that the Daily Star in the UK is not exactly a Pulitzer winning publication. Also, mainstream media tend to get turnover and profit gravely mixed up in these stories. 
There are, however, rumours abound in poker that some of the biggest games and therefore biggest winners in poker are from the private games enjoyed by the rich and famous where most professionals are not allowed. Indeed, there is credible evidence to suggest that Rick Salomon and Tobey Maguire are two of the biggest winners in poker history from such games. 
The article also claims that Gravesen lost $54 million in a single heads-up session in Vegas. That actually has some secondary evidence to be found, as five years ago somebody made the same claim on 2+2. They also said Gravesen was up $80 million at the time. 
So it seems clear that Gravesen plays high stakes games and possibly has been a winner in them. However, it is probably better to wait for some respected players in the industry to confirm he is the real deal before we pay too much attention to the $100 million winner claims. 
Do you think this story is plausible? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter
Barry Carter is the editor of PokerStrategy.com and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, Poker Satellite Strategy and PKO Poker Strategy

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